Aquarium Fish Gallery 2

This blog will give you general information's about some of the most popular aquarium species you can keep in your aqua-hobby. Join the Cyprinid and Cichlid species. Happy fish-keeping !!!


Red-Lined Torpedo Barb (Denisonii Barb)

Puntius denisonii
In the wild this fish inhabits fast flowing freshwater streams in India. It is a shoaling fish and should be kept in groups of 4 and up. They do grow up to 15cm and need large tank, 400 L with lots of open swimming space. They relish bloodworm. Water should be around pH 7.5 and with a gentle current and highly clean and oxygenated with temperature around 25'C.
Puntius denisonii is a very beautiful fish and ideally should be kept in a species, fully planted, tank where their color can stand out against calming green plants. They don't show aggression and it is known that they thrive well with many species like various Tetras, Kribensis, Otos, Rainbows and SAE.

Photo by Dusko Bojic.